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Our values


Alpaca fiber can have more than twenty two natural colors and the use of this fiber is so versatile that there is no waste in its production system. The Andean communities working in the harvesting and production of the wool adopt traditional methods and pay great attention to the animals’ well – being. Besides unlike other species producing wool, alpacas do not cause the desertification of the land where they graze, this is a fundamental factor for the preservation of the ecological balance.

We use only water-based dyes for our hand-dyed products, since they are eco-friendly and have a low impact on the environment.


All the Allpaqa products have the official FAIR TRADE certification, our provider and our producer have been assessed and approved, since they have the requirements mentioned in the GOOD FAIR TRADE PRACTICES “GFTP” Certification number BPCJ-17-2015, VERIFIED by SGS and PROMPERU.

ALLPAQA®´s main goal is to offer highest - quality - products to our clients guaranteeing sustainability and fair trade´s principles; making sure that our workers and producers benefit from fair labor conditions is one of our priorities, as well as rejecting by all means any business policy entailing cheap labor and depriving workers from their labor rights; moreover, we say no to any form of child exploitation. We promote gender equality and we try to establish respectful peer - to - peer commercial relations, avoiding any form of exploitation and speculation. These principles are mandatory in all our processes, being these direct or indirect responsibility of ALLPAQA® as our main objective is transparency.

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